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Where possible the material and finish should be matched up between your selected nuts and bolts.
Galvanized nuts must be used with galvanized bolts due to the thickness of the galvanized coating

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Hex Nuts
Standard Hexagon shaped nut. Available in zinc plating, hot dipped galvanized, and 18-8 stainless steel.
Heavy Hex Nuts
Heavier than regular hex nuts. Available in zinc, hot dipped galvanized, or plain finishes. Also available in 2H Plain and Galvanized for A325 Structural Bolts.
Nylon Lock Nuts
Nylon material in nuts prevents loosening caused by vibration. Also called Nylok. These nuts are not available in hot dipped galvanized.
Reversible 2 way Lock Nuts
Also called 2 way, all metal, or center lock. Use with higher grade bolts. Good for high temperature applications.
Top Lock Nut
All metal lock nut, used in higher temperature applications. Locks at the top of the nut. Use with higher grade bolts.
Hex Jam Nut
Hex Jam Nuts are thinner than regular hex nuts. Only available in Zinc plated, which cannot be used with galvanized bolts.
Keps Nut
Keps Lock Nuts are a nut with an attached free spinning external tooth lock washer. Also called a K Nut or Washer Nut.
Serrated Hex Flange Nut
Hex Serrated Flange Nuts have a built in serrated washer to prevent loosening due to vibration.
Wing Nuts
Wing Nuts are a nut that can be turned by hand. Available in Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel.
Cap Nut Acorn Nut
Cap nuts have a finished dome shaped top that covers the end of the bolt. Bolt length must be exact. Only available in nickel plated steel.
Tee Nut
T-Nuts create internal machine threads in wood by lodging the barrel into a hole. The prongs lock it into the surface of the wood.
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