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Hex Nuts

Zinc nuts will not work with galvanized bolts due to the thickness of the galvanized coating.
Galvanized nuts must be used with galvanized bolts, zinc nuts must be used with zinc bolts.

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Zinc Hex Nuts
Low Carbon steel, comparible to grade 2. Best for general purpose uses where high strength is not needed.
Steel Grade 5, Zinc Plated
Medium carbon steel, for higher strength applications.
Steel Grade 8, Yellow Zinc Plated
Tempered medium carbon alloy steel, used in high strength and hardness applications.
Galvanized Hex Nuts
Hot dipped Galvanized fasteners are much more corrosion resistant than zinc plated fasteners. Because of the thickness of the coating, galvanized nuts can only be used with galvanized bolts.
Stainless Steel
18-8 Stainless Steel provides a high level of corrosion resistance, and is recommended for use outdoors. 316 Stainless provides the highest level of corrosion resistance, and is recommended for food-grade applications, as well as salt-water applications.
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