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Timber Bolts
  • Timber Bolts are also referred to as Dome Head Bolts or Mushroom Head Bolts, and are used in wood construction.
  • Timber Bolts are similar to Carriage Bolts and function in the same way. They have a larger dome shaped head, and instead of a square underside they have 4 fins that sink into the wood as the nut is tightened to prevent the bolt from turning.
  • The over sized head eliminates the need to use a washer on the head side of the bolt. Timber Bolts are only available in Hot Dipped Galvanized, and the sizes are limited to larger diameters and longer lengths.
  • Timber Bolts are only available in Grade A307, which is comparable to Grade 2.
  • The true length of many bolts can commonly be up to 3/16" short of the stated length.

Timber Bolt Diameter is the width of the shaft or the outside of threads.
Timber Bolt length is measured from the underside of the head to the end of the bolt.
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