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Wedge Anchors

  • Wedge Anchors (also referred to as stud anchors) are one piece expansion bolts with collars for heavy duty fastening into stone or solid concrete. Nut and washer are included.
  • Wedge Anchors are available in zinc plating for moderate corrosion resistance, hot dipped galvanized, which provides more corrosion resistance, and stainless steel, which provides the most corrosion resistance.
  • No need to drill oversized holes, the thread diameter and the hole diameter are the same.

Wedge Anchor diameter is measured from the outside of the threads.
Wedge Anchor length is measured as the entire length of the bolt.

Wedge Anchor Installation Steps

  1. Drill a hole in the concrete at least 1/2" deeper than the desired embedment depth.
  2. Thoroughly clean the hole of all debris.
  3. Thread the nut with the washer just onto the end of the bolt.
  4. Hammer the Wedge Anchor straight into the hole until the nut and washer are flat up against the fastening surface.
  5. Tighten the nut until you feel the resistance of the bolt locking in (approx. 3-4 full turns).
Minimum Embedment Depth
Diameter Depth
1/4" 1 1/8"
3/8" 1 1/4"
1/2" 2 1/4"
5/8" 2 3/4"
3/4" 3 1/4"
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